Thursday, 1 November 2018

The Biggest Storm Cyclone Gita

The Biggest Storm, Cyclone Gita

What started off as a little amount of rain  turned into the biggest storm in my life.
The wind didn’t blow, it screamed as hard as it could. The rain didn’t fall, it was
driven, cruel. The trees were ripped apart from the moist ground and made a
massive splash.

I felt like I was in a world that didn’t exist any longer. I was never so depressed in
my life, until now. I was lost in this world.

by : Zahra Maryam.  

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

my speech judging sheet

Speech Judging Sheet

Name:   ZAHRA MARYAM                        Topic: Why I like

cats and why you should like them too                      
Main Points

Self Assessment
Low                                         High
1           2 3           4 5

My speech was organised logically into paragraphs, with an effective introduction and a conclusion.

I used some gestures, stood still and made eye contact with my audience.

My voice was clear and loud.  I didn’t speak too quickly or too slowly.

My speech had a message and was original, interesting and relevant to the audience.


I used ‘powerful’ words in my speech.  I also included some language features (eg repetition, alliteration, similes etc)

My speech was between 2 ½ and 3 ½ minutes long.

Next time I need to …

Next time I need to be slower and be less nervous

Teacher Comment

I like the expression you used in your speech and that you had memorised most of it. You had lots of personal voice and with more researched/factual information it would have really got your message across. Well done.

the moment before my speech

The moment before my speech

purpose : to inform and entertain

L.I: describe a moment in time

Not giving feedback in the hopes I don’t get chosen,I was so stiff I couldn't even move one part of my body. Shaking like never before I was so scared that I would be next, The moment has come, next up we have Zahra M. I was so nervous that I wanted to pause the time and run away from school.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

My speech video

My speech - why I like cats and why you should like them too

Why I like cats and why you should like
them too.
W.A.L.T: Write a speech

Message: why people should like cats
Point 1: talk about my besties which are cats
Point 2: talk about my favourite game that I play in the car
Point 3 : My feelings around Little Johnny


Who doesn't  like cats? I know that I like cats but do you? They are so cute and there are hundreds of
videos that are dedicated to cats. One of my favourite cat videos is cat fails. It’s so funny and it keeps me
entertained for hours. I’m also pretty sure that you’ve  all seen a video about cats at least once in your
lives and that’s why i’m here to tell you why I like cats and why I think that everyone should love cats.
Paragraph 1:

I love cats because you can make friends with them and it’s amazing. Did you know that I have 2 best
friends that are cats if you didn’t here is some information about them. My first bestie is  little Johnny
he’s a tabby cat that lives next door. Every time I come from school little Johnny comes running down
the driveway to greet me and he also gives me a lot of hugs. My second best friend is Spyro, Spyro
lives at my aunt and uncle’s house, Spyro is my uncle’s friend and he is also my friend too Spyro
is a domestic cat and is very dark sometimes you won’t be able to see him when it’s night because he is just to dark.

Paragraph 2:

when I go out with my aunt and uncle we sometimes get bored sitting in the car so we made up a game
called cat. You have to try to spot a cat on their backyard or somewhere else if you spot a cat don’t just
sit their shout out Cat!!  Everytime you see a cat you get 1 point ...Also it’s important to show your
players where your cat is so they know that your not cheating trust me people love to cheat for example
my annoying brother. Also if your thinking how good I am well i’m horrible at this game, I lose every
time so I found a strategy I join my auntie and we play together and that's when I start to win. And just
saying if you have good eyes and your good at spotting things I think this is the game for you and you
might be good at it, but you never know unless you try it out.

Paragraph 3 :

Also here is one of my experiences with Johnny a couple of years ago I went to my room to read and
then I heard a sound I looked up and I saw little Johnny inside my room that’s right he jumped into my
room, we played together and my mum never knew, My feelings around Little Johnny is great! that's
why I always think he’s family. Little Johnny is so cute that I can’t control myself. Also little Johnny
likes to show off and by that I mean a lot. The first time I met Johnny I was only playing with him  but
then we became friends then we become best friends and then we had friendship trust.

My Message to you is that everyone should like cats because they will always be their to put that smile
on you face and they always look so cute that you would never want to stop looking at them.
 Also Friendship is something that you would love to have because when you have it you would never
want to leave it. I strongly believe that you should all love cats that’s how I love cats so much because my
besties gave me a lot of good experiences and exciting moments and i’m pretty sure you would like those
good moments too and I know exactly what it feels like around cats.

By Zahra Maryam