Thursday, 7 June 2018

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W.A.L.T: Use Dadwavers

The pungent odour filled the air as mountains of unwanted and decrepit junk could be
seen from miles away.

As Esther dragged her trolley around she looked for useful garbage that she could use
for her small home.

‘’Oo what's this’’ Esther says as she opens a box fill of treasure,’’who would want to
throw away treasure’’ as she mumbled to herself.

Living in the middle of a rusty and dark junkyard on the outskirts of town, Esther is
free to do whatever she wants.

Excitedly Esther goes into a rusty decrepit car, she starts to pretend that's she’s driving,
suddenly she hears music behind her.

Esther was worried of what was inside the box, when she opened the box which had
looked like unloved treasure, Esther kept it, walking with her trolley she made her way
back to her small home which was in the middle of a junkyard.

5 minutes later Esther arrived at her small house, she put her precious treasure in
position, 1 minute later esther’s cardboard house started glooming in the dark. Esther’s
search became true.

I wonder if there’s more treasure in this junkyard ?

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

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The Scary Ladder

On Wednesday It was group 1’s turn to do the giants ladder, at first I was excited, but when
I got to the giants ladder I felt nervous.  The instructor told us how to put the harnesses
on for the giants ladder, then he numbered us off, first it was Adie and Theo climbing then
it was me and Rameen.

When it was our turn I had to take the harness off because I was wearing the  anchor
harnesses, so when I took it of I put the climbing harness on so I could climb the ladder.
It’s time! Me and Rameen found the first 3 bars easy to climb, but the 4 bar was hard to
go up, that’s when I got scared, I thought the giants ladder was not that high, but when I
looked up it was high.  I started shaking I told Rameen that I couldn't do this but she had
trust in me.

When me and Rameen got to the 2nd to last bar, I freaked out I almost made my way
to the bottom but Rameen stopped me, she said Zahra I know that it’s scary but you can
face your fears and I Know you can do it, be confident. I started climbing , everyone
started chanting let’s go Zahra let’s go then I had the confidence to go to the top, so me
and Rameen worked together as a team and we made it to the top, I quickly made a smile
then I turned back into a sad face I was really scared to come down but I did it faster then
Rameen I got down looking up to see were Rameen was, she looked like she was crying but
a couple of minutes later she came down, but she was still scared.that’s why I named it a
scary ladder,Im very proud of myself because I found my fear and I faced it, I’m also
proud of my team for having great sportsmanship while me and Rameen were climbing
the Giants ladder. I also would want to make a huge THANK YOU to javier's dad he did
an excellent job incarringing to do things that we were afraid of.